• More than 15 years operation in ship chandler supply in Malacca.
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No. 57, Jln Seri Emas 37,

Taman Seri Teluk Emas, 75460 Melaka

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Who Are We?

About Us

SERI EMAS MARINE SDN. BHD. was formally known as ASKJAYA ENTERPRISE a sole proprietorship which registered on March 1999 and focusing on ship chandler business only. We are pioneer in this business especially in Malacca & Malacca Straits for more than 15 years in supplying vessel needs. which situated in our own office building in Telok Mas, Melaka with all together 13 staff include our LCT Samudra Syabas Crew. And now we have put ourselves to be one of the top Bumiputera corporation company with the name of SERI EMAS MARINE SDN BHD.
We are currently act as MISC / AET registered vendor in supplying provisions & bonded store to their vessel such as Bunga Kelana 3, Bunga Kelana 8, Eagle Vermont, Eagle Phoenix. And also a registered vendor for Garret UK as we served their vessel such as SS Ser Bakti and SS Seri Begawan.
Beside our supplying provisions & bonded store, we also be part of RGTFSU project in supplying fresh water & marine transportation using our own vessel which is LCT (Landing Craft Tanker) Samudera Syabas in supplying, delivering, loading MOB & DEMOB for big capacity ship store with maximum of 200 tonne / 746 horse power. Our LCT is fully insured by PNI and H&M insurance. Our LCT also passed with OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database) inspection recognized by the Petronas Team. With this OVID certificate, we have proven that our company always regulatory adhered with the marine compliance, have the highest safety performance together with industry best practice in ensuring we have provided our excellent and professional services. As we grow further, we believe that our prospect in this business will grow bigger and expandable.

Creditable Integrity

Become a leading supplier, offering a wide range of products and services to vessels that anchorage in straits of Melaka.

Effective Services

Strive for continuous improvement
especially in packaging & services

Quality Assurance

Become Muslim company to supply
HALAL food or provision to meet
customer requirement

Local and imported meat from Australia, New Zealand, India & Brazil with certified HALAL by JAKIM. Fresh & Frozen poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables & fruits

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Various selections of groceries with wide range of local & international brand

Various selections of local & international confectionaries, beverages, mineral water & tobacco

We are the pioneer in the ship chandler business and our company served a big company either from local or international vessel.

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